Bambiano is a product line that produces Modern, Practical and Safe products inspired by babies with all age groups in mind. Our pioneer products; 100% Food Grade SIlicone Teething Jewellery comprises of Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets and Bangles. They serve dual functions; made for adults to wear but are also safe for curious babies to handle and chew.  They are practical jewellery for Moms, Aunts, Grandmas and other Caregivers.

In 2014, we launched our Teething Toys/Teethers for babies from birth and Bambiano Junior accessories which are suitable for little girls.

Bambiano Jewellery and Teethers are made of 100% Food Grade Silicone. This is the same silicone used to make pacifiers, feeding bottle nipples and most teething toys. The beads s are threaded on a  nylon cord and come with a plastic breakaway clasp which will separate when tugged firmly to prevent choking.

The Breakaway Clasp keeps the bead secure and in place. It  is made of plastic and is not suitable for chewing. Please make sure your clasp is in good working order before using the necklaces. Bambiano Necklaces are  for ADULTS and the Junior line is for children of age 3 and above. . DO NOT  leave your Adult Bambiano necklaces with your baby unsupervised.

For more information on becoming a retail partner, please see our wholesale section or send an email to sales@bambiano.com.

Yes. Bambiano Jewellery and Teethers contain no harmful chemicals: no phthalates, BPAs, PVCs, lead or latex.  Our products are FDA approved. Necklaces also come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety feature. We remind users to never leave a pendant ON a baby, and never leave your child unattended with jewellery of any kind.

Silicone is very reliable and retains a far higher tensile strength and tear resistance than most organic ‘rubbers’.  That makes it the perfect material for a teething product.  It is also odourless and tasteless and will not cause staining.  Most importantly, silicone does not support the growth of fungus, mould or bacteria.  To clean, simply wash with soap and water.

Before first use, clean your Bambiano jewellery with warm water and dish soap, towel dry and air dryr. Thereafter clean jewellery in the same way when required. If out and about jewellery can be simply wiped over with a wet wipe. You can also place them in the dishwasher (top shelf only).

Most babies by default  are inquisitive and love to explore the world around +them through touching and tasting/biting/chewing.. This behaviour is vital to their development so why not give them a safe product that will soothe and entertain while easing your frustration as a parent?. Not only can Bambiano Jewellery and Toys offer relief to teething babies, it also provides sensory stimulation and a better alternative to skin pinching, bra flicking and hair pulling. Bambiano Jewellery and Teethers are a soft, safe and practical product that will soothe and entertain your bub while still looking stylish. Great for Mums, Aunts, Grandmas and other Caregivers, Jelly Beads can help your baby focus while feeding and provide continuity between caregivers. For little ones, holding on to mum’s beads can be a real comfort in new situations. Going out to dinner, sitting in church, standing line at the grocery store – let your busy baby play. If Mom can look stylish in the process, its worth it!